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Posted on Jun 21, 2020

Experience African life with Joseph


African clothes fashion design, tour through different tribes such as the Maasai, Sukuma, Gogo, the Swahili. Motorbike tour, Bicycle riding,
learning how to use African farm tools for weeding, cultivating and the ox-driven ploughs. Also, you will be experiencing the Arabic culture and the influence of Islam religion, in the coastal regions. You will immerse yourself in the world of tribes, discovering their traditions from food, to their way of living and dressing, such as the traditional Swahili 'Bui-bui' and Maasai shoes.

Traditional pottery for pots, cups, etc. ·
You may want to learn how to dance and sing with the use of locally made drums and other traditional African music instruments.
You will learn the art of washing clothes by hand as compared to washing machines.
Tourists will feel at home as local people!!!
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